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Tampa Film Revolution is planning for a huge Tampa indie film and independent filmmaking resource section here eventually. We will not only list all of the Tampa Bay Film sites, as Tampa Bay Film, which we are directly affiliated with, is the voice of Tampa indie film, but other resources for filmmakers and anyone who is interested in indie filmmaking.
Which brings us to an important point. The Tampa Bay area NEEDS resources for independent filmmaking. The reason why is that, right now, as of April 6, 2012, there are very few filmmakers here in the area, and most of their films are mediocre at best. The few good films that are made in the Tampa Bay area are not enough to put the area on the map, and are certainly not enough to support any film festivals. This is why, in our opinion, that the large Tampa film festivals do not respect and support local independent filmmaking (and, with most independent films made in the Tampa Bay area being poor efforts, we can’t say that we blame those film festivals for not supporting those films. The issue that we have with those film festivals, however, is that they have completely written off indie filmmaking in Tampa Bay, in our opinion. If there were a lot of good independent films being made here, the film festivals might show them, but they will never receive the respect and the support that they need, in our opinion, because that is not what those festivals are set up for. Another issue is that, because most write off independent filmmaking locally, that there are a lot of people who take advantage of aspiring filmmakers by trying to sell them overpriced, poor value workshops and film schools, and some of those film festivals are also set up to sell those workshops and film schools! This is pathetic!). We believe that the large film festivals in the Tampa Bay area are optimized to market the area for Hollywood and filmmakers from outside of the area to come here and use our area as a filmmaking location; of course, these large film productions compete with our local filmmaking, and undermine indie film work done here by local filmmakers. Hollywood needs to stay away from Tampa Bay, and this area must be claimed by local independent filmmakers who will say no to outside production coming here!
This is going to change, of course. We will never make it by doing things the Hollywood way, and by blindly following those who do not have our best interests in mind. A true revolution is one which we create ourselves. We have to be smart, innovative, creative, and educated. We have to make our own way, and to do that, we need the proper support and resources! We also need to work together to undermine the false film festivals, filmmakers, and film schools. We need to work against those who work against the progress of good, innovative indie filmmaking here in Tampa Bay.
Tampa Film Revolution and Tampa Bay Film are going to develop resources for Tampa Bay filmmakers so that they can make innovative, great films. We are going to show filmmakers how to get started on a shoestring, and then work their way up. This area will be flooded with a new generation of smart, creative filmmakers, and the films that we need will be made. Most importantly, we will support those filmmakers, as well as help them drive the filmmakers who are bad for indie filmmaking here from the market. Tampa Bay Film and our allies will also support those filmmakers with a network of film festival which focus in independent filmmaking in the Tampa Bay area, as well as support infrastructure for the first real Tampa indie film community. We are even planning the Tampa Film Conference, an annual production and business conference for Tampa filmmakers. The Tampa Film Conference, which is FOR indie film in Tampa Bay, is the first such event of its kind in this area, although we are sure that others will try to copy this concept and launch their own events before we can debut the Tampa Film Conference (and, if they sincerely support indie filmmaking in Tampa Bay, this is welcome! We don’t think that anyone will actually be sincere about this, however, if history demonstrates anything). Regardless of copy cats or competition, however, the Tampa Film Conference will set the standard for indie film support events, and it will be the best event of its kind for Tampa Bay independent filmmakers.
Tampa independent film will not only end up on the map, but we will help it to become a leader in independent filmmaking worldwide. One day, we believe that the independent filmmaking industry will look to the Tampa Bay indie film scene for new trends in independent film, as well as some of the best independent films being made in the world. That’s something that is not only realistic, but it is something that we can all work together to obtain, in spite of the past of shady politics, the no-talent filmmakers, and the film festivals which never seriously had the best intentions of Tampa indie film in mind; things which held us back. A new era is coming!

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